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Business Law – Rifat A. Harb

Business Law

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, company, or small business owner, making successful business transactions is crucial to your ongoing success. As a team of experienced attorneys in the world of business law, we’ve provided legal advice and assistance to hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies.

Our main objective when working with our clients is to ensure that they’re are protected from any potential short or long term legal consequences. We’re committed to helping your business flourish for years to come and we understand the seriousness of each and every business transaction that you make.

For that reason, we’re focused on ensuring that you’re always fully informed about the consequences (both positive and negative) of the decisions that are made within your business. Whether you’re seeking to form a corporation or LLC, beginning to hire employees or contractors, purchasing or selling your business, or even selling equity to outside investors, we can help ensure you’re handling it the right way.

As business transaction attorneys, we’ve assisted entrepreneurs and companies in a variety of industries. Some of our most prominent clients have come from the retail, hospitality, pharmaceutical, entertainment, and construction spaces. In addition, many of our attorneys have experience working with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other government organizations. This gives us a unique blend of experience that ensures competence in handling every business transaction.